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We have had one of their Catboat weather vanes & cupolas on our home for about 12 years now. It's beautiful, and we get lots of compliments on it. Their guide to selecting the correct size cupola was very helpful - it's easy to get one that's too small if you don't use the guide, and it won't look right on the house.


We ordered a weathervane based on information on the company's website. I wasn't certain about size or mounting hardware for our roof and I wanted to add windcups so I called the company. The man on the phone was very knowledgeable and helpful. The package arrived timely and exactly as ordered. We installed the weathervane and just LOVE it. It makes our gazebo really special.


We had our lighted windowed 42" cupola installed last Friday morning and wanted to let you know one more time just how thrilled we are with our beautiful new Cape Cod Cupola and lantern. The craftsmanship and attention to every small detail is exceptional. Your quality and service have made us a customer who will be singing your praises for a long time. Thank you also for the small repair to our whale weathervane for which you didn't even charge us. Seth Panus, SDP Builder/Remodeler, who you recommended, did an outstanding job on the installation. Seth gave us a good price and he and his men made a very strong impression with the thoroughness, efficiency and quality of their work. Our neighbor (Leon Jodice, Jodice Corp.), who built our house 19 years ago, observed them working and was quite impressed, as well. Thank you for everything!

Janet & David

Looks awesome! My little eagle and cupola looks great too...You guys do great work and installations. Thanks again.


Can't say enough about the quality and craftsmanship of this multigenerational family business. Cupola and vane are bespoke. I am a repeat customer and would recommend to anyone who wants the best for their home. Worth every penny.


Love this place!