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About Us

cupola dartmouth ma


custom cupola dartmouth ma



Add an Eye-Catching Feature to Your Home's Exterior

Contact Cape Cod Cupola for weathervane installation in Newport, RI, Westport & Dartmouth, MA

If you'd like to improve the appeal of your property with ornamental architecture, turn to Cape Cod Cupola. We're a locally owned and operated North Dartmouth, MA company that specializes in building custom cupolas and weathervanes.

We focus on creating distinctive architectural elements for your property. Call Cape Cod Cupola at 508-994-2119 to order your cupola or weathervane now.

Serving the Little Compton, Newport, RI, Westport & Dartmouth, MA area since 1939

We opened our doors over seven decades ago with the goal of providing top-notch services and unmatched customer care to every client, and we still do business with that in mind.

There are numerous benefits to installing a cupola on your roof. A cupola will:

Improve the circulation in your attic

Enhance the appearance of your property

Allow cool air to flow into your space

Reap the rewards of a cupola and enjoy the visual appeal of a weathervane on your Newport, RI, Westport or Dartmouth, MA home. Start designing your one-of-a-kind cupola with Cape Cod Cupola by calling today.

we now offer a solar powered solution for cupola lighting

Turn heads with custom cupolas or weathervanes

At Cape Cod Cupola, we're dedicated to enhancing the appearance of your property with personalized architectural elements. We don't mass produce cupolas or weathervanes. We take pride in creating unique pieces for your home.

Place your order with Cape Cod Cupola right away. Feel free to call us at 508-994-2119 with any questions about our products.

Ms. Kayla Castle is shown on the right with Mr. Richard Bernier of Cape Cod Cupola LTD.
Mr. Bernier is a weather vane craftsman. Ms. Castle purchased the castle weathervane for her farm in Hawaii.

Service Area

Located in Dartmouth, MA 02747

We also serve the following areas
Little Compton, RI, Newport, RI, Narragansett, RI, Charlestown, RI, Westerly, RI, Stonington, CT