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Finish Off the Style of Your Home

Hire us for weathervane installation today. We do weathervane installs from as far North as Maine to as far south as Virgina

Are you ready to round out your home's appearance? Choose Cape Cod Cupola for a weathervane installation that will complement your structure.
We opened our doors in 1939 and continue to deliver top-notch services and unmatched customer care to our clients. We have the experience needed to ensure that your weathervane matches your cupola and the overall style of your home.

Schedule an appointment with Cape Cod Cupola in Newport, RI, Westport or Dartmouth, MA by calling 508-994-2119 today.

Trust seasoned contractors to complete your project

Trust seasoned contractors to complete your project

We've worked hard to earn a reputation for creating unique weathervanes that look great on any home. We'll take your design ideas and bring them to life. We're committed to being the best choice for weathervane creation and cupola design services.

Get the perfect weathervane for your home. Call Cape Cod Cupola to schedule a weathervane installation right away.