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Trust Your Construction Needs to a Skilled Contractor

About Cape Cod Cupola

Founded in 1939, Cape Cod Cupola is a veteran-owned company to call when you want to add interest to the exterior of your home. We design and create custom cupolas and weathervanes for residents of the Westport & Dartmouth, MA area. Make your home look better than ever. Choose Cape Cod Cupola to build a one-of-a-kind cupola or weathervane.

Start designing your eye-catching ornamental elements today.

Focused on your complete satisfaction

Focused on your complete satisfaction

Count on Cape Cod Cupola to:

  • Discuss your design ideas with you
  • Help you select the right cupola or weathervane for your home
  • Go over the style, size and type of molding you want
  • Answer all your questions

We'll make sure you get the cupola or weathervane you've been dreaming of. We have the experience needed to create a structure you'll love.
Call Cape Cod Cupola at 508-994-2119 now with questions about our cupolas and weathervanes.